Video #22 COVID-19: Breathe it in

In this program, Richard Trudgen and Djiniyini Gondarra are joined by Dr Kerry Mills, who explains the dangers of being inside a room with somebody who has the virus in their body. If they cough, sneeze, talk or even laugh, they can spread the virus into the air where other people will catch it. If someone breaths in one of these little drops, they could be breathing in thousands or millions of viruses into their body. Because the virus hangs around in the air, even if you enter a room hours after somebody else with the virus has been there, the virus can still be floating in the air.


The traditional worldview of Yolŋu means they want in-depth, science-based information in order to understand any new topic. This is what Yolŋu call the “dhuḏi-dhäwu” – the deep true story. This full series of videos attempts to answer some of their questions from a Yolŋu worldview, using their linguistic construction of knowledge.

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