Podcast #8 COVID-19: How does a virus spread from one place to another?

This series talks through how the virus moves very quickly from China to other places and from one person to another person and it does not matter what type of transport you use to move from one place to another. Dr Kerry Mills explains how the virus can move from one person to another in three different ways when people cough or sneeze or just speaking. When someone sneezes, coughs, or speaks little tiny drops of fluid come out of the body.  The virus is inside these little tiny droplets that come out of the body and there can be thousands and even millions in these droplets.


Dr Mills goes on to explain when you cough sneeze or talk, little droplets come out. These droplets are different sizes big and small. The big ones are heavy so they drop to the ground, but the little droplets will float in the air. The ones that float in the air are the most dangerous ones. These little droplets cannot be seen. This is compared to how you can smell saltwater a long way from the beach. The difference is the saltwater can be smelt, but we cannot smell these little droplets with viruses in them. Further explaining why, the government is really worried about people being close together inside where the spread of the virus can happen very quickly.


The program then goes on to explain the dangers of being inside a room if somebody has the virus in their body and they cough, sneeze, talk or even laugh. They can spread the virus into the air where other people will catch it.  If someone breaths in one of these little drops, they could be breathing in thousands or millions of viruses into their body. Because the virus hangs around in the air even if you enter a room hours after somebody else has been there you might not know if somebody with the virus has been there and the virus can still be floating in the air.


There are 4 Stories in this podcast. Please see time stamps below:

  • Story No. 1 How dose it spread COVID-19 0:00
  • Story No. 2 Through the air from person to person 8:05
  • Story No. 3 Virus floating in the air 16:15
  • Story No. 4 Breath it in the Virus 27:35


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