Podcast #14 COVID-19: Food to help the body

In this series, Timothy Trudgen and Biritjalawuy Gondarra discuss how nutritious foods can increase the immune system’s ability to fight and protect the body against infection. Bush and sea foods have shown over time to be very nutritious. However, many store-bought foods have been manufactured in recent years and altered so that they store well.  These manufactured, processed foods are high in energy, but lack the nutrients body cells need.  Nutrients include vitamins (eg. Vitamin A, B, C, D) and minerals such as calcium, iron and potassium.

In Story No.2, they look at foods for improving the body’s immune system function that are like medicine.  Wild meats and eggs have the fats needed for cells and the body. Store-bought fresh foods that are colored signal that they contain nutrients in them, including frozen vegetables. These foods are not processed, so they have more nutrients.  Timothy and Biritjalawuy provide examples of some of the vitamins found in foods.  Vitamin-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables are important for people to eat when they are unwell. Store-bought fruits are generally high in sugar, but Yolngu bush fruits are nutrient dense, like green plum  (ŋaŋ’kabakarra), with more vitamin C than an orange. Green plum (ŋaŋ’kabakarra), wild peach (mapudumun) and great morinda (borukpili) is used for congestion of the airways.  People should eat less processed foods and more fresh foods to help their bodies fight COVID-19.


There are 2 Stories in this podcast. Please see time stamps below:

  • Story No. 1 Covid19 inside the body: food to help the body Part 1                 00:00
  • Story No. 2 Covid19 inside the body: food to help the body Part 2                 08:16


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