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Timothy Trudgen and Biritjalawuy Goṉḏarra discuss how the virus gets into the cells of our bodies and spread. You will learn more about what are cells and how the diseases call "viruses" attack and reproduce inside your body.
Timothy Trudgen and Biritjalawuy Goṉḏarra explain how white blood cells detect and fight COVID-19 as it spreads into the lungs. They talk about the different types of White blood cells and how they protect the body. What is the effects of the fight between disease and these immune cells inside the body?
Timothy Trudgen and Biritjalawuy Gondarra discuss how nutritious foods can increase the immune system’s ability to fight and protect the body against infection.
Rev Dr Djiniyini Gondarra and Richard Trudgen are joined by Dr Kerry Mills, who explains how coronavirus can move from one person to another in three different ways, when people cough, sneeze or speak.
Dr Kerry Mills explains that when you cough, sneeze, or speak, the droplets that come out of your body are different sizes. The big ones are heavier so they drop to the ground, but the little droplets float into the air. These are the most dangerous because they cannot be seen. You can talk about them in relation to being able to smell salt water from a long way from the beach. The difference however, is that salt water can be smelt, but you cannot smell the little droplets with viruses in them.
Timothy Trudgen and Biritjalawuy Gondarra explain what happens if the body's immune system is not able to stop COVID-19 and it spreads to the lungs.
Timothy Trugden and Biritjalawuy Goṉḏarra explain bacteria, viruses, and the cells of our bodies, as they discuss the tiny microscopic world inside your body that it is attacked by COVID-19.