Wuŋali, Ŋäma, ga Maraŋgithirr
Tax story 9 of 10 This video explains the tax free threshold and how to correctly fill out a "Tax File Declaration" form when you have 2 employers.
Richard Trudgen and Djiniyini Gondarra talk about how and why the Macassan trade was stopped.
Podcast 70. Djiniyini Gondarra and Richard Trudgen compare traditional Yolngu trade with the Macassans with current government trade regulations.  Learn more here.....
Tax story 8 of 10. Have you ever wondered how the Government works out how much tax you have to pay? In this video Richard Trudgen explains how and also goes into detail around the "tax free threshold".
Richard Trudgen and Djiniyini Gondarra. More on the Macassan-Yolngu trading relationship and when money first appeared.
Podcast 72. Djiniyini Gondarra and Richard Trudgen discuss the role of ASIC, what happens when an Administrator is appointed, and why it's best to start as a small business
Tax story 7 of 10. Do you want to know the meaning of "one financial year"? or need to know how to claim the tax free threshold with your employer? Watch this video as Richard Trudgen discusses it all!
Richard Trudgen and Djiniyini Gondarra talk more about the Macassan trade and how some Yolngu once were wealthy.
Podcast No. 19 What does taxation mean, why do I need to pay tax, and how do I do it? Listen here for answers to your questions about tax..
Dianne Gondarra and Richard Trudgen definite the English word 'Economist' in Yolŋu Matha
Tax story 6 of 10. In this video Richard Trudgen talks about understanding the Tax file declaration form that you sign when you start a new job and the tick box "Tax free threshold"