History of Money. Where did money come from? Introduction only

Richard Trudgen and Djiniyini Gondarra discuss where money comes from. This 10 part series works through the history of money from a Yolngu perspective.

This series of podcasts covers some very interesting areas and is a good background to why Yolngu live with so much confusion about money and wealth creation today. These are also the main reasons why Yolngu are still not participating in the mainstream economic system as they should be.

Even though the podcast introduction promises this series would end with discussing the use of money today and the Reserve Banks role in the money cycle, unfortunately the presenters never got that far! There was too much other interesting information revealed, much for the first time.  Surprisingly we discover that Yolngu had a number of different forms of money.

For further information please see the separate podcast called  “Reserve Bank of Australia. Where does money come from?”. However it’s  suggested you don’t listen to it until you’ve worked through this series of 10 separate stories on the history of money.


Produced by Aboriginal Resource and Development Services (ARDS) 2007

Dhäwu ga ŋorra dhawal mala gammurruw