45. Electricity and Solar Power (Eaturitj #6)

Podcast 6 of 7. Richard Trudgen and Nikunu Yunupingu  discuss the difference between solar hot water systems and solar panels and that these are two very different things.

They explain that one set of solar panels is for the hot water system, which has pipes in it and that gives the solar heat energy straight into the hot water system. This means free hot water. While the other solar panels give electricity straight to batteries to charge them. This electricity can be used to run homes, offices, lights and appliances.

In Yolngu communities there is a complete lack of historical & technical knowledge in relation to the development of solar panels over the decades and a big gap in worldview. (Some people are very angry about the issue of power/electricity and believe they’re being ripped off in some way. Also when people understand how something works they can use it far more cost effectively.)

This podcast gives a brief history of solar development and the search for turning heat energy from the sun into electricity. They also talk about how solar is cheaper and cleaner than coal powered stations or diesel powered generators. The solar farm at Galiwinku is discussed and why it needs so many solar panels.


There are 4 Stories in this podcast. See the time stamps below.

  • Returning to the difference between Solar Energy and electricity – 00:00
  • How does solar panels and silicon wafers work – 10:52
  • The difference between Solar Energy and electricity – 20:50
  • Homeland solar system with Battery storage – 30:17