Video #28 COVID-19: What is in the vaccines, and will it make us sick?

In this video, Richard Trudgen and Djiniyini Gondarra discuss two major questions about the Covid-19 vaccine. One is, what is actually inside the vaccines? The other is, will the injections make you sick? Because of all the stories going around, people are confused about what is actually in the Covid-19 vaccines. There is also confusion about the 15-minute requirement to wait after the injections, and why would an injection that is supposed to help you, make some people sick?

This video takes the relationships between animals and the need at certain times to protect your family and clan from outside invasion. It then translates this worldview into the relationship between disease and sickness and the body’s white blood cell protectors.

Many Yolngu still believe that Covid-19 is a trick of some sort. The best way to deal with this is to have open, truthful conversations about it, treating people as intelligent adults who can hear the information and see for themselves what is happening around them.

The traditional worldview of Yolŋu means they want in-depth, science-based information in order to understand any new topic. This is what Yolŋu call the “dhuḏi-dhäwu” – the deep true story. This full series of videos attempts to answer some of their questions from a Yolŋu worldview, using their linguistic construction of knowledge.

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Medical images in Video 28 taken from the book, Human Body, published by © Time Life Inc. 1992.

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