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Djiniyini and Richard discuss how medical companies are trying to find the right chemical to ḏilthan this virus
In this video, Djiniyini Gondarra and Richard Trudgen start working through the many outstanding questions that Yolŋu people still have about the COVID-19 vaccines.
Richard Trudgen and Djiniyini Gondarra discuss two major questions about the Covid-19 vaccine. One is, what is actually inside the vaccines? The other is, will the injections make you sick?
Richard Trudgen and Djiniyini Gondarra discuss the highly contagious Delta variant of COVID-19.  Yolngu people are seeing lots of trouble and conflict over the Covid-19 virus in New South Wales and Victoria. What is making these people sick? Is it the same Covid-19 virus?
Richard Trudgen and Djiniyini Gondarra talk about what 'opening up' means. Many Balanda are getting vaccine injections at the moment. What will happen to people who haven’t had the injection? Will they stop the 'opening up'?