More questions about business: Is garden produce and peals the same? Can you sell them?

NY; more question about how to start a small Business.

As I have said that the people are convince, from all the very many Balanda coming to their communities talking about how they can get help for them to start small businesses but no one is doing small business except for a few small examples.

Some people are doing small business selling shellfish or doing arts and craft and selling it to the arts and craft then the arts and craft organisation will sell it to someone else a long way away. They will have to do all the paper work that the government requires.

NY Some Yolngu are thinking that run a small business and build up some money by putting it aside. After three years they have some money put aside will the government then help them by giving them some money. This is where we are confused. Is there something like that available where the government can then give them money.

RT; I do not know of any such thing. We need to remember that the government is dependent on business and workers for its money. Not businesses being dependent on government for their money. Just like your traditional trade in the past is the way business is run today.

Some a few, a very few will get some little help from the government. But the government is looking at my production in my company because if they don’t get that money from businesses they will be broke.

NY What about latter no when his business gets really big one and that person has all his equipment and he is producing lots of that he is selling, and he is really good at his business. Or he has a factory and he is a private business man employing many people. What is it then is their some way government can help?

First, we have to make sure it is a legal business.

When you are a very small business it is not a problem but when you are getting into business you have to get all your paper work sorted out and pay tax.

Yolngu have lots of visitors coming from government promising to Yolngu that they will get government money to “Help them start small business”. How many times have you heard this story from them?

NY; Many, many times. RT and how many Yolngu got that help to start a business? NY; None.

It is the Government that is dependent on business for their money not business dependent on Government for their money.   People should be looking for ow they can use their own private money to start their own private business.

NY; so if I just start up do I need an ABN? If it is just a hobby you do not need it but if you start to sell to other people and people want an invoice then you have to start getting all the paper work lined up. Practice and build it up slowly and at the same time learn what you have to do to build it up into a bigger business.

Whether it is trepang, crocodile skins or natural peals go out and start practicing how to grow and process these things.

NY; can we sell these things like peals? Things like garden products and peals are the same they can be sold?

RT: today the natural peal trade around the world is a 300 mill dollar business. If you find them don’t throw them away or give them to the children. If you have got them, we can find a way to sell them. And also go a learn off the old people how to yard them, feed them and seed them with special sands.


There are 4 Stories in this podcast. Please see time stamps below:

  • More questions about how to start small business – 00:00
  • Government always promises money to start up businesses but it never happens – 9:13
  • Are garden products (plants and fruits) and peals the same? Can you sell them? – 16:47
  • Stop waiting for Government to start a business: Start with your own money – 25:45