We are still confused. What is business?

NY; WE are still confused about what Business is?

The thinking amongst Yolngu that the government pays money to all businesses is just so strong that it is stopping all business development.

One of the confusing aspects of this is that Yolngu see a lot of non-private businesses on community. Community organisation where there is no private ownership. So we start talking through this massive issue covering private businesses, sole traders and Aboriginal Corporations. Talking about the differences in how the “profits” can be used. Aboriginal Corporation get support from government for special projects. But it is very hard for private companies to get direct support funding from government.

Something that is different from Aboriginal communities. Most Balanda run their businesses as private business or private enterprises. They find what they are good at, what they want to produce, make or service and then they find out if there is a market for their product. If they have a good product and there is a market that will pay well for it then you can build a good business.

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