Do Balanda businesses get their money from Government?

NY: Lots of Yolngu want to start their own business but they are waiting for the government to give them money to run their business.

Because Balanda have told Yolngu over and over again that they have to forget their culture and learn the new way (of the Balanda). Yolngu have been waiting to find out what this new way is and many have come to the conclusion that all Balanda businesses get their money from Government to run their business. We have talked about this before and we will have to talk about it many times in the future from all different angles until the Yolngu believe that their 60,000 year old traditional trade is the same way that modern business operates. Of cause one of the big problems is that Balanda also do not know this and keep coming onto Yolngu communities confusing them.

So we talk through; In starting a business where does the government fit in? The Government is dependent on Businesses to pay taxes to them not the other way around.

The Role of sole traders. Just start up your business and learn slowly. Become good at what you want to do. What are companies and public companies. Is selling drugs a business. RT; yes it is a business but it is illegal. NY do they pay tax to the government. RT; no but they have to be watching for the police all the time and if they get caught they will go to jail and the government can also confiscate all their property.  NY; what are drug cartels?  RT; work through this and the conversation turns from waiting for the government to come and give Yolngu money for business and to start looking at their own estates and see the massive value that this their in the resource that are available.


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