16. What are the steps for Yolngu to get back into business?
This podcast goes beyond the ‘let’s make a business plan’ approach to business. It discusses how many Yolngu already know how to do business and that there’s confusion about what ‘business’ really means. It explains that Yolngu culture was a business culture, and looks at the economic and legal literacy that is required to understand business basics in a European way, by building on traditional business understanding. It outlines 2 steps needed when thinking of starting a business.


There are 6 stories in this podcast. Please see time stamps below-

  • Steps that Yolngu need to take to get into business, not business plans Become economic literate – 00:00
  • Why do Balanda tell us to forget our culture – 12:59
  • Why do Balanda think we are dumb – 26:23
  • Yolngu culture was a business culture – 40:22
  • Learning the business structure from our old ways and adding to it – 51:35
  • The way forward into business – 1:03:55
Dhäwu ga ŋorra dhawal mala gammurruw