13. International trade between the Macassans and Yolngu. What happened?

This podcast looks at the international trade between Yolngu people across Arnhem Land and the Macassans. It tells the history of when the South Australian government stopped the trade and what that meant for Yolngu people and business. It explores what Arnhem Land might be like be today if the trade had continued and gives ideas for ways Yolngu can get back into business.


There are 5 stories in this podcast. Please see time stamps below-

  • If the Macassans were still trading today, Yolngu Elders would still be businessmen  – 00:00
  • The first industry in Sydney was fur seal. In Arnhem Land it was natural pearls & trepang – 11:19
  • Young people would be learning to grow pearls if the Macassans were still trading to Arnhem Land – 22:06
  • The trepang trade. Where are the blockages? – 34:37
  • Trepang Industry: What is stopping it and how do we restart it? – 45:50
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