31. What is a Purchase Order? Part 2

Answering more questions about purchase orders.


Do Balanda know that Purchase Orders have to be paid for?

Yes, most Balanda would know that they have to be paid for. Because it is general knowledge amongst Balanda they will also assume all Yolŋu will also know this. It just never enters the Balanda mind that groups of people like Yolŋu do not know this fundamental information. This is why it is crazy for Balanda from government to come out to communities and talk about businesses, business, business all the time on the assumption that Yolŋu are even ready to run a business. It is back to front. First, we need the education we are doing here till Yolngu and Balanda are basically on the same economic page otherwise there is just more confusion after confusion.

There are 4 Stories in this podcast see below time stamps.

  • More about Purchase Orders – 00:00
  • Why do only some companies use Purchase Orders? – 9:35
  • Can a pensioner use a purchase order? – 16:13
  • Do Balanda know that a purchase order has to be paid for? – 26:56
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