10. We need to know the real story about petrol sniffing?
“We need the real story how Sniffing kills the brain?”

This important podcast tells the true story of the damage that “choke choke”, “hang hang” and avgas, petrol or glue sniffing has on people. It explains the important of oxygen to the brain and discusses how these activities can cause permanent damage to the brain in as little as 30 seconds and can quickly lead to death. It discusses how many adults in Yolngu communities don’t understand the seriousness of the issues and that Balanda have assumed that Yolngu have the same knowledge about these substances as they do. Yolngu adults are only now catching up on post industrial information that the wider Australian community take for granted. So in 2018 there is little or no knowledge about oxygen starvation and how it kills the brain in Yolngu communities. The mainstream community has failed to teach this vital information to Yolngu adults.  This podcast and Podcast No.17 give Yolngu a lot of information around this subject in their own language.


There are 6 stories in this podcast. Please see time stamps below-

  • How does petrol sniffing affect children, how is different to vehicle fumes?    0:00
  • How to stop Sniffing. A story about empowering adults with real information.    10:39
  • How the Brain stays alive?     24:26
  • What is oxygen. Why haven’t we been told?     36:26
  • Why are the Balanda not telling us this story?    50:58
  • Oxygen starvation means brain death.    1:05:47