65. Yolngu Artists#3 Income for Yolngu artists

Djiniyini Gondarra opens the conversation by asking how is it that Yolngu artists such as painters and carvers receive such little money for their hard work. Djiniyini also asks where the Art and Craft Centres get their money from to start their business. Richard explains how craft centres can receive some government money to pay for some of the costs of running the centre.  Djiniyini explains that this can cause problems as some Yolngu people get very confused and think this government money is there for everyone, including the artists.

RT and DJ discuss how it’s better for artists to keep their products at a reasonable price so they can so they can develop a name in the industry. Concentrate on becoming yäku yindi, getting a big name, in the industry and receive more money as more people want to buy the artists works.

There are 4 stories in this podcast. Please see time stamps below-

  • Why is money paid to arts centres not artists  00:00
  • Artist opening up the trade tracks for art works    11:08
  • Where does the money for Arts & Craft workers come from? 19:35
  • Begin with a small income, make a name and make more $ later.   29:46