52. Poor communication leads to poor governance. NLC#8

Richard Trudgen talks with Maratja Dhamarrandji sometime after Maratja had suffered a stroke.

During Maratja’s time learning to speak again he listened to the latest podcasts on Djambatmarram about the Northern Land Council, which sparked many questions for him. He discussed how a lack of good communication is not very helpful for Yolŋu. He says Yolŋu are being kept like mushrooms in the dark. When Balanda have to make decisions they have all the information in front of them so they can think about it properly and make informed and effective choices. For Yolŋu to be involved in beneficial programs there has to be a good flow of information.

If government wants to see good decision-making on Yolŋu communities, Yolŋu need to receive good information in a language they understand.

The confusion between Balanda Law and Yolŋu Law, is causing conflict within communities between younger generations and the older people.

There are 3 stories in this podcast. Please see time stamps below-

  • Being kept in the dark like mushrooms – 00:00
  • Legal confusion creating anarchy for Yolŋu – 13:17
  • Yolŋu lost between legal systems don’t know where to stand – 24:19