What is TAX?
This podcast explores taxation and income tax. It explains that every government collects tax, why, and where it goes (hint – it’s not the Prime Minister!). Also mentions that every business and company is required to pay tax. It explores what a tax return is and how the amount of a tax return depends on a person’s income and expenses, and is affected by how many jobs they have. It explains that it is the law to pay tax and each person’s responsibility to have a tax file number and to lodge a tax return. An accountant can help with this.




There are 5 stories in this podcast. Please see time stamps below-

  • What are the two Australian leaders talking about. Income tax what is it?   0:00
  • What is Tax. Is it a bank book Government keeps for us. Or money in the Prime Minister pocket?  14:39
  • Making the economy strong. Why Gov needs tax. Value in money.      27:49
  • What is a tax return. Many think they should get all their tax payed back.    39:40
  • Two jobs, more tax taken. Do mining com have to pay this tax?    57:31
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