51. Northern Land Council - proper Yolngu consultation

Richard Trudgen and Nikunu Yunupingu talk about the confusion around the Northern Land Council and the lack of information Yolngu Estate owners receive about their land and their rights to their land.

Nikunu Yunupingu discusses how the Northern Land Council is speaking to mining companies, government and stake holders, but not to the Estate Holders. This is also an issue when there are changes to legislation. He points out how proper consultation is not met with Indigenous and First Nations People.

They also speak about the use of good media services and how important they are to deliver information to Indigenous people across the region. They explore how these media services can be used to deliver important information and how this platform can be used by the Northern Land Council, government and other Aboriginal organisations.

Richard explores issues with Nikunu on Balanda systems that hinder the delivery of information to Indigenous people. They also explore issues on Inter-tidal Zone, Burial Place and the confusion around these topics and the lack of information.


There are 4 stories in this podcast. Please see time stamps below-

  • Estate owners confused and worried – 00:00
  • How Yolngu got good information in the past and confusion today – 10:53:082
  • The need for good Yolngu Media – 21:34.049
  • Government consulting with wrong Yolngu institutions – 29:57.613