55. Meaning of Native Title

Nikunu Yunupingu & Richard Trudgen explore the meaning of the words “native” and “title”. Many Balanda think that all Yolŋu people understand the word native. While in everyday conversation using the word native is not considered polite or politically correct, in the legal sense the word “native” has a deeper meaning with legal implications. It’s therefore used in legal documents like Native Title Act and in court conversations.

Nikunu and Richard work through the meaning and use of the individual English words “native” and “title”. Then lastly they work through the meaning of the compound word “Native Title” and “Native Title Holder”.

(This program was recorded when there were issues with our online studio, so we apologise for the audio quality)


There are 4 stories in this podcast. Please see time stamps below-

  • Mean of Native and National – 00:000.00
  • Meaning of Title – 8:30.980
  • Meaning of Native Title Holder – 17:57.971
  • Has Native Title come to Arnhem Land yet – 27:43.771
Dhäwu ga ŋorra dhawal mala gammurruw
Mayali ŋorra dhuwal mala dhärukgu