12. What is the real meaning of wages, salary, pay and CDP Payments?
This podcast explains the origin of the words wages and salary, and explores what wages are and who pays them. It explains that having a job does not automatically mean a person receives a large amount of money and explores how a higher wage/salary is often tied to having more training and qualifications. It discusses the difference between unemployment benefits/welfare and wages.


There are 6 Stories in this podcast see below time stamps.

  • What is the real meaning of wages salary and pay – 00:00
  • What are wages – 16:47
  • Confusion around wages – 32:17
  • CDP & Confused history of welfare Yolngu not understanding welfare – 48:25
  • Confusion CDP & RJCP & more – 1:02:00
  • How long can I be on CDP until I need to start a real job or can i start business? – 1:15:01