Parole, Probation meaning

Parole.  noun

Permission given to a prisoner to leave prison before the end of a sentence, usually as a reward for behaving well.


Parole. verb

To release (a prisoner) on parole.


Probation. noun

A situation or period of time in which a person who is starting a new job is tested and watched to see if that person is able to do the job properly.

(In law) A situation or period of time in which a person who has committed a crime is allowed to stay out of prison if that person behaves well, does not commit another crime, etc.


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There are 4 Stories in this hard words podcast. Please see time stamps below –

  • Story No. 1 Meaning of the word Parole                    00:00
  • Story No. 2 Parole and an unexpired sentence        08:28
  • Story No. 3 Probation and parole officers                 18:45
  • Story No. 4 Understanding parole orders                  29:35