8. History of Money. Where did money come from? All 10 stories joined together.

You can hear all the 10 stories, joined together here about the history of money from a Yolngu historical perspective. However, it is over 2hr long.  It was recorded in the ARDS studio by the then CEO of ARDS Rev Dr Djiniyini Gondarra and Richard Trudgen. Djiniyini shared a lot of the Yolngu history while Richard shares the mainstream understanding of things. This was at a time when both these men were very excited about learning each others economic and business words and concepts across Yolngu Matha and English. To there surprise they were able to explain every economic mainstream activity, sometimes more effectively in Yolngu Matha than in English. This was by using what some linguists some time called “the old ceremonial language”. A language that is now known by them to be the Yolngu Matha academic language.

Or you can listen to them separately. We thought this was important for this valuable series as they may be used in schools. These separate podcasts also have some transcripts with them so English speaking can follow what is being said in Yolngu Matha. this is not a word for word transcript as we do not have the resources for that but the general conversation is followed.

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