Video #10 COVID-19: What is the World Health Organisation?

Rev Dr Djiniyini Gondarra and Richard Trudgen answer the questions Yolŋu have about the World Health Organisation and its role in the Coronavirus pandemic.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has 150 countries who are members and is responsible for the health and well-being of all its members states. Djiniyini asks a number of questions in relation to the WHO and he and Richard explore these. This program gives Yolŋu more background information on the policies of the WHO and looks at the conversations that are currently occurring in the mainstream media.

The traditional worldview of Yolŋu means they want in-depth, science-based information in order to understand any new topic. This is what Yolŋu call the “dhuḏi-dhäwu” – the deep true story. This full series of videos attempts to answer some of their questions from a Yolŋu worldview, using their linguistic construction of knowledge.


Hardwords discussed