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More about Chronic Disease. Yolngu questioned, "How can food and drink damage our bodies?” This leads us work through the two things that our bodies need from food; nutrition and energy.
More about Chronic Disease. Yolngu questioned, "Can sugar make us rerri sick? What is the name of these rerri sickness? And what is the sugar gakal modus operandi?”
Dr Kerry Mills explains that when you cough, sneeze, or speak, the droplets that come out of your body are different sizes. The big ones are heavier so they drop to the ground, but the little droplets float into the air. These are the most dangerous because they cannot be seen. You can talk about them in relation to being able to smell salt water from a long way from the beach. The difference however, is that salt water can be smelt, but you cannot smell the little droplets with viruses in them.
The start of the discussion about the Chronic Disease and Sickness. Answer Yolngu questions, demystify the very confusing English terms, and give the people real evidence (from within their understanding of the world) as to the source of chronic disease in a way that made sense to them.